Saturday, 31 December 2011

Alchemy 2011

It has, it must be said, been quite a funky year for Alchemy members in 2011.

Debbie ventured into e-publishing and saw the release of her short story collection Maniac and Other Stories, and her novels Hamelin's Child (adult thriller) and Edge of Dreams (YA fantasy). She also saw the publication of her stories On the Edge of Forever in the Kindle Coffee-Break Collection anthology (edited by Saffina Desforges) and Moira on the Everyday Fiction site.

Not only that, Debbie has also guest blogged on Steve Lockley's Confessions of a Technophobe blog with When Too Much is Not Enough, had several posts on the You're Booked crime writers blog and regularly blogs at Authors Electric.

Jan was especially prolific this year - she saw the publication of Grey Magic for Cat Lovers in New Horizons/ BFS Journal (Summer 2011); Mayday Springs Askew in Tales from the Greenmantle (July 2011); The Clinic in the Alt-Dead anthology; Ballad of Lucy Lightfoot in Full Fathom Forty:40th Anniversary of the BFS; Roberta in Ethereal Tales #12; Redhill Residential in True Personal Ghost Stories; Valkenswaard in Unspoken Water #2; Wade's Run in Ghost Stories; Oblation in Andromeda's Offspring #3 and she finished off the year with the publication of Thirteenth Day in the Estronomicon Chrismas edition.

She's also had acceptances for several stories due out in 2012, guest blogged on Steve Lockley's Confessions of a Technophobe blog with Do We Dare To Comment?, and looks set to take over the world sometime soon!

Jenny has been mostly slush reading for Fantasy Magazine and judging the BFS Best Newcomer award, but has also guest blogged on Floor to Ceiling Books with Alice in Zombieland, and regularly posts over at the Girls' Guide to Surviving the Apocalypse blog.

Mike has seen the release of his e-novella Sailors of the Skies (available from Amazon), has had his story Cold Rain published in the Morpheus Tales Urban Horror Special, his story Only the Lonely appeared in Dark Valentine Issue #4/Spring 2011 and his story Sons of the Dragons appeared in Kzine Issue 1. Not only that but his story Saving Prince Romero is about to come out in the next PS Publishing antho - Postscripts #26/27 - Unfit For Eden and he was also interviewed by Stuart Young in Redeye Extra.

Peter edited and published the excellent Peter Atkins collection Rumours of the Marvellous and also had his story Who Wanders in the Mire published in the Christmas edition of Estronomicon. He was interviewed on the Red Moon Chronicle site and edited four fantastic issues of Dark Horizons - the British Fantasy Society's fiction magazine.

Sam saw the publication of the next volume in her Vampire Gene series - Hateful Heart by Murky Depths and her collection Zombies in New York and Other Bloody Jottings was published by Telos Publishing. She also had her short stories Walking the Dead published in the BFS Journal/Spring 2011 and The Toymaker's House in Full Fathom Forty:40th Anniversary of the BFS.

She edited talespinning by David J. Howe for Telos Publishing, conducted an extensive signing tour, won the BFS Best Novel and Short Story awards and guest blogged on Steve Lockley's Confessions of a Technophobe blog with The Changing Face of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Series.

Here's hoping next year will be even more successful!

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

The Alchemy Press

Group member Peter Coleborn's Alchemy Press has co-published, with Airgedlamh Productions, Rumours of the Marvellous by Peter Atkins. The signed, number edition -- 14 of Atkins' best tales -- was launched at FantasyCon 2011 last September. Also on hand to personally dedicate the book was cover artist Les Edwards. The book can be ordered from the Alchemy Press website or via Amazon.

The Alchemy Press has also published a Kindle novella: "Sailors of the Skies" by Alchemy Writers member Mike Chinn. This is a fabulous tribute to the pulp/noir stories from the 30s/40s -- and stars Damian Paladin. This eBook costs just 86p / 99c -- read a review of it on the Amazon website.

Saturday, 24 December 2011

Jan and Peter's Estro Xmas

Special Christmas congratulations to Alchemy members Jan Edwards and Peter Coleborn who both have stories in the special Xmas edition of Estronomicon - available to download free here!


The Night Before Christmas - Neil Williamson
Two Years to the Day - Neil Davies
The Advent Calendar's Last Window - Bob Lock
Five-Thirty, Christmas Morning - John Forth
The Thirteenth Day - Jan Edwards
Christmas Present - Marion Pitman
Ho, Ho - Ian Hunter
Driving Home for Christmas - Mark Howard Jones
Proof - James Bennett
Jarly and the Saga of the Snowball - Stuart Young
Christmas with Julia - Stewart Horn
Who Wanders in the Mire - Peter Coleborn
Bitten by the Birds of Paradise - Matt Finucane
Schrodinger's Gifts - Neil Williamson

Jan and Sam Hammered Out

Alchemy Members Jan Edwards and Sam Stone both have fiction due out in the Hammer Out Book of Ghosts in January 2012.

Published by Fantom Films, all money raised from the anthology will go to the charity Hammer Out which helps fund research, raise awareness and provide support for people suffering from brain tumours.

The hardback edition can be had for £10.99 here.

Foreword by Tracey Childs
Immortal Monster by Sam Stone
The Widow and the Deserter by Alex Barrett
Sleeping Lions by Niall Boyce
Orbyting by Jan Edwards
The Noise from the Flat Upstairs by S.E. Branson
Tower Song by Richard Howard
Deadline by Paul W.T. Ballard
The Attic Nursery by Raven Dane
Chillers and Breathers by Sam Stone
We Attract that which we Fear the Most by Louise Jameson
Last Rites by Simon Guerrier

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Jan's Valkenswaard is out!

Excellent news: Unspoken Water #2 is now out and available for sale here.
Buy it for Jan's story Valkenswaard and you get a host of bonus other stories too! :-) Including:

Little Dead Girl by C. M. Saunders
A Breath of Air by Rebekah Brown
Crossing by Karen Ellery
Heartless by Thomas Williams
Sea Monkeys by Steve Lockley
The Crossroads by Stephen Palmer
Valkenswaard by Jan Edwards
The Magic Circle by Sarah Doyle

Available from and includes free "freebies" while stocks last.

You know you want to...